Dusting and De-Rusting

As I sit here in our apartment writing this I'm wearing a mint colored shirt with an owl on it that someone who's followed our photo sets might recognize. It was my favorite shirt before we left for Iceland in May 2011 and the accompanying preferential treatment I gave it while we traveled is probably the reason I'm still able to wear it today - the only one of the four I had with me that's really still fit for public.

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Hi!This is just a quick note to alert people of a couple new things around here. My friend Nathan at Manufactory Design gave us a swell Christmas present in helping give the site a little update.

The obvious changes are in the full sized photos and, if you're on a mobile device, that the sidebar gets swapped to the bottom offering more priority to the actual content. The maybe not so obvious ones are that you can now login to leave comments via social media as well as access the comments via the little talk bubble at the top right corner of each post. Some smaller tweaks will be ironed out soon enough. Fun!

We'll leave this post at the top for a bit to make sure everyone sees it, so be sure to scroll down to see other new posts as they arrive. Much love, eli & casey