Highlights: Amsterdam

Koffiehuis Van Den Volksbond: Ridiculously good food, enjoyed with long lost family and new friends, next to a canal in perfect weather. Highlight!

Amsterdam Public Library: Casey covered this in her last post. Why aren't all libraries designed so logically and so beautifully?

Bazar: Ok. We know it isn't traditional Dutch food and its grandiose size is at odds with the cozy Amsterdam style. However, another friendship reunion and the biggest breakfast schmorgasbord I (eli) have ever had (for 8 euros) made for another delightful afternoon stop.

Vondelpark: Families in Amsterdam seem to really know how to utilize their park time, plus there is an oversized (but very real looking high up) fort for the wee ones. We rode our bikes around and stopped in the octagonal (I think?) rose garden for a little picnic lunch. Yum.

Bike rental: It's really easy to rent bikes here, and very well worth it, even just for a day. Make sure to stay in the bike lane, though (many of them look about the same as a regular traffic lane), and if you need to slow down or stop, just get out of the way. An English couple that we met in Tangendorf, Germany got a great deal from a place called Recycled Bikes and said the guy who runs it was super nice. We will be trying that place next time we are in town.

foam: A great mid-sized photography gallery/museum. While we were there they had a show of work by Anton Corbijn and upcoming photographers from Holland and the US. Completely different, both good.

Brouweri 't IJ: We didn't get a chance to try their brews, sadly, but the brewery itself is housed in the building attached to the highest wooden windmill in Holland (we also read that it is one of the last traditional ones), the deGooyer Windmill. Plus, the pub looked awesomely small and simple - or so it looked from our peering inside longingly at 11am.

Location:Lange Reihe,Hamburg,Germany