Wow. Where to begin? First: thank you again to the best, most supportive friends and family we could ask for. You all are incredible.

After running into a little traffic on the way to JFK yesterday afternoon, we made it with plenty of time. The plane left at 8:35 pm and spent five hours and ten minutes in the air, gaining four hours in the process. We both managed to get maybe an hour of sleep on the plane before the 6 am landing forced us into Tuesday.

They say the Blue Lagoon is a must see in Iceland, and so, with the help of a birthday gift certificate Casey had, we decided to head over first thing as a) it's down by the airport anyway, and b) we were both feeling a bit ragged. Best. Decision. Ever. I'm not eloquent enough to put into words how awesome it was - milky blue hot springs, sunny and about 45 degrees F...all surrounded by a rather barren lava rock field.

Welcome to Iceland.

Dinner found us some (crazy good, especially after not eating a real meal since yesterday morning) fish and chips with a little meandering walk around the quaint streets of Reykjavik. I think I could do an entire photo series on the wooden doors so many of the houses have - simple and often more attractive than the houses they're guarding.

More to come after we catch up on a little sleep...

Location:Reykjavik, Iceland