Three Minutes In Nairn

We spent a few hours in this small town a few Saturdays back, just walking through the streets - absorbing the quiet early morning, exploring random shops, peering hopefully into the windows of a closed print studio, people watching and listening. A lot of listening. I've compiled a brief map of our walk aimed at your ears:

(beginning) Two seagulls were engaged in a serious conversation. We only captured the very end of it, but by that time I had started to appreciate the pharmacy door in the background more than the birds.

(middle) A fish and chips shop employee had the side door open while mopping inside. Something that looked like a bean bag made for a dog was next to the open door on the sidewalk. The radio kept this person company while going through the motions of opening for business.

(end) Sitting on the bench in the playground. It is right next to the sea and a steep slide is built into the hill that blocks the view of the water. Saturday morning brought some small ones and a big thundercloud in the distance.

Location:Nairn, Scotland